HermitCraft 7: 31 | THE MEGASTORE

Objavljeno 5. jun. 2020
HermitCraft 7: 31 | THE MEGASTORE
Iskall creates his first MEGAStore by extending his slime shop in the shopping district of the HermitCraft server. He also seals the deal with Rendog
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  • I think you mean free form building. That sounds more like it. Good work

  • Iskall: 1 diamond for 16 comparators oh that's expensive. Also iskall: sells 16 comparators for 1 diamond and said that's a good price I would buy that.

  • lol iskall has a observer mini-block in his redstone shulker box

  • Am I Color blind? But that cyan terracotta looks a lot like grey terracotta.

  • Iskall be lookin like he wrote the other 51 lol

  • You are the youtuber I watch the most hermitcraft episodes, i only watch you, mumbo, and grian and scar

  • I love this youtuber

  • the Redstone shop looks like a japan flag

  • 8:19 me casually watching grian build jrumbot in the background

  • Iskall: wants logs for his tree Also iskall: uses logs for his new shop

  • Around 10:00 he Could have done a slime ball and a red stone block instead (it’s too late but I’m just saying)

  • 8:21 freehand*

  • Thank god it's not a omega store

  • His vocabulary is mega and omega

  • Iskall: Free-roam build Me: Oh, you mean free-style.

  • Rip gg grumbot on current episodes

  • Lol

  • grian in the background though 8:18

  • Needs oak logs.... Makes an oak log floor... I don't get it.

  • Iskall should sell honey in his other shop

  • 8:37 that squid in the bottom right corner is triggering me immensely...😂😁

  • Just seeing Grian building the Jdrumbot in the back round of the shop time laps

  • Someone needs to keep a death count for the "Fun little Elytra fly-through area".

  • I just now noticed that he made an apple store

  • The rings just look like all might's hair, i saw it and now i cant unsee it



  • I think it is called freelance.

  • Is it just me or is the horseshoe thing at the front of the store looking a lot like the under armor logo.

  • "Freebase building"? Not sure if that's how the word Freebase is usually used.. ;p

  • During the building time-lapse, you can see hermits flying around like bees.

  • Is anyone gonna tell him the two arches he built for his redstone shop is the UnderArmor logo lmao...

  • Make a movie theater with the same picture motion as the concrete store matbe

  • “...of doom. =)” - Iskall 19xx - 2020

  • Iskall to every single mistake or player:halo?

  • 8:17 lmao the timelapse of the grumbot in the background too. double timelapse

  • pov: I'm the dancing squid at 8:40

  • OMG OMG, I now know how to cheat the shopping district payment plots U can just pay 1 diamond block and put a nether portal that has a sgin that says new shop, and just put your shop in the nether so you can have a super big shop

  • you can get iron from mumbo couse you have the partnership

  • 8:56 i love when i just see hermits flying in the background of a time lapse of an other hermit .LOL😂

  • Why did he make the redstone ball solid such a waste

  • Is it just me or has it never rained in hermitcraft

  • Iskall: There’s nothing on the back. It’s only a facade. Grian? Is that you?

  • i see he adapted to grians new build style

  • Iskall loves saying mega

  • Iskal saying hello everytime he sees something surprising/shocking/confusing

  • Iskall talking Grian bulding a Grumbot shop

  • when the timelapse of Iskall "freeroam building", you can see Grian building Jrumbot in the background

  • He made Redstone Ikea. Makes sense.

  • This is the omegasode of doom

  • 27:13

  • who notices rendog at the dynamite thing at 7:30

  • Been binging iskalls Hermitcraft season 7 episodes for days. Now when ik play Minecraft: "Helloooo?" "Excuse me?"

  • I need a iron income he says. Forgets the partnership with jumbo for iron he made a while back!lul

  • You know this isn't such a great investment because the truth of the matter you could do just as well if you had a smaller space. All you have to do is work on the advertising and price. Size doesn't matter so you wasted a whole lot of diamonds.

  • I think you should put a snow golem behind the reception desk, and name it Gerald. (Maybe not Gerald just call it whatever you want) You could put it on top of honey blocks so that it doesn't escape

  • You should’ve added an identical slime shop on the other side so it’s like two hands of the omega red stone master of doom

  • Iskallll .... Maaannn

  • Iskall : always describes things as mega Also iskall : says hello to everything

  • Iskall: Builds a red stone shop.

  • "Scar became the richest hermit by selling redstone" Hermitcraft war: "are you sure about that?"

  • Free building makes sense because there is also a commom term called “free hand“ which most people associate with drawing! So when you go off your own ideas or don’t have a plan, you could call it “free hand building” or just stick with “free building”!


  • The number of shops he’s used makes me physically hurt

  • Am I the only one that thought the shop looked like Plankton?

  • Iskall: nothing on the back Grian: copycat

  • Is no one gonna talk about Jrumbot being built in the background of the timelapse?

  • sceptic

  • Piston = Iron Hoppers = Iron It's an iron shop

  • Could anybody just explain to me what is that shop with a giant diamond above it please tell me what is it just pleasw

  • What is the most selling thing? Me: sand gravel and leather Iskall: red stone bits Me: you are only going to get a moustach Customer

  • The shop looks like a red eyed plankton

  • 12:16 has he seen Grian's base?

  • U have a tree farm iskall😑


  • I just realized he has views that are about his sub count every video

  • During the time lapse who else was just staring at the squid 😅🖐🏼

  • That “Omega creepy thing of doom” looks like a demagorgon from Stranger Things

  • 7:55

  • Why isn't Iskall using his AFK tree farm? Lags the server too much?

  • The megastore of DOOM!!

  • I think the term you're looking for is "free-hand". Very nicely done though!

  • When iskall didn’t see BDubs railcart system in the red stone shop🤦🏻‍♂️

  • it looks like a samurai clown

  • Iskall_land

  • -Iskall’s Redstone Shop- *sponsered by Under Armor*

  • 17:16 anyone know what that floating thing in the sky was?

  • You should have build 2 ginormus 1 hands holding slime and 1 holding redstone and a skull in the middle of the hands

  • for a long time when he said "Iskallian" I thought he was saying "It's Scallion" and I was OMEGA confused

    • Well he was not saying iskalIian he was saying iskallium

  • top 5 hermits (in my opinion): 6.iskall lol sorry 5.mumbo 4.tango 3.grian 2.bdubs 1.scar

  • I thought he was gonna follow "Now this is gonna sound extremely smart" with "but don't worry, this is still an iskall85 video" or something like that.

  • The olive still makes me laugh at the start of every vid lol


  • It looks like a mad clown

  • Iskall's shop at the beginning is inspired by grains mansion

  • iskall stay safe

  • Why is everything -OMEGA -OF DOOM

  • the observers set minecarts going and stop

  • Lovely video :) Also, the word your looking for is "Freestyle" "Free roam" is where you can walk around freely ^^

  • Iskall’s favorite words omega and of doom