HermitCraft 7: 54 | BASE MEGA OVERHAUL

Objavljeno 21. sep. 2020
HermitCraft 7: 54 | BASE MEGA OVERHAUL
Base base base, the place to be, mega base, the base to own. Iskall overhauls his tree trunk and installs a fog effect glass pit sourrounded by a mega cave. He also finds reason to laugh at MumboJumbo
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  • I looked it up Minecrafting is not a word

  • Make mumbo infinity room

  • It's all fun and games until iskall sees diorite

  • 15:59 That's a curse. Seriously, pause at 15:59, it's so worth it.

  • 7:50 way back I have tested 2 million torches in 1.14 (with fill command) and caused rarely any performance hit (neither FPS nor mspt). Pro tip: just don't break them all at once and create a million entity ;) ... had to delete the file containing that chunk :)

  • Hallo!

  • You should place glowstone/sealaterns in between each layer of glass around the edges! Then you’ll get that infinite mirror effect wich might look absolutely amazing!

  • whats the timelapse music

  • The moustache on the second one looks like its coming out of he's nose😂🤣🤣... Like OMEGA Flooding of DOOM

  • 10:50 Jesus Llamas.

  • Who else thought he said bissy while he was saying busy

  • tj hunt

  • It already looked like a void when he put all the carpets down

  • Everytime iskall says "hallo" i say "hallo" back!

  • grian one water bucket iskall ahhh shoot here we go again

  • He should make the fog go around the outside in the bottom as well like the walls

  • Why are there leaves growing *inside* the tree??

  • Granted, torches and glowstone have different light-levels...

  • Iskall should call his cave the Omega Void.

  • I always love the glass fog effect in builds! the underground bit in Iskall's tree looks totally Omega!💙

  • Did anyone else notice the mycelium while Iskall was digging out his floor? *The Mycelium Resistance is a knocking!*

  • I love the music he uses so much!

  • It’s episodes like this that remind me of why Iskall is my favorite hermit.

  • What if the omega diamond pile hid a second whole through the bedrock into the under area? Then the tree base could extend to all layers of the game. And you could build massive roots in the ground below the omega tree. which could also have holes in them to secret base areas with custom spawning or other purposes.

  • You need an art deco room.

    • Mumbo like cans of tomato soup!

  • On top of a mustache you could put a finger going up the nostril.

  • your cave should have a secret base

  • getting ready for the cave update are you?

  • Doesn’t he still have a few stacks of glow stone dust at the piglin farm? You can still craft glow stone blocks with dust right?

  • U should not put the roots under your base, put them in the nether! And put an omega seed in the middle of them! Or else I will start the omega apocalypse of double doom!

  • Use lava instead of glow stone and torches for the fog

  • #iskall85 Maybe you could use some vines to decorate the inside of your tree I think it would give a really nice extra Copy this everyone maybe he will read it then Credits : ME

  • Hallo


  • the wood looks realy nice keep it up!

  • I am bissy -iskall

  • I reccomend you put a "floor" at the level of the "timer" thing but leave the hole open, just like the spiral bridge things, and replace the glass with water, and put shaders on. OOOO OMEGAH!

  • I love the moment in the timelapse where he stops mining to set fire to some diorite

  • Why are so many hermits' video descriptions in the third person - it's really odd


  • Iskall laugh should be made a meme

  • Iskall you did a fantastic job you inspire me to make bigger and better bases

  • You should just make it a perfect circle

    • The rest of the base is all organic shapes so it would look weird to make that a geometric shape

  • Use end rods to make stalactites and stalagmites

  • how does the diamond counter work?

  • who has the dragon egg in hermitcraft?

  • Glass floor imo

  • Maybe name the root cave Svartalfheim? Then if you decide to build roots in the Nether, you could call that part Niflheim?

  • A giant omega tree (of doom) that reaches the sky and delves omega deep into the earth... Do the roots and branches reach other realms? I think Iskall has been building Yggdrasil.

  • diamond crystals in your cave!

  • Eyes close on bedrock

  • Try lava for the void instead of torch and carpet

  • He is the only giy i know who doesnt put music in timelapse

  • I saw him burn diorite

  • should've done the mumbo skin stache.

  • Make the wood into spruce because it's a little bit darker like wet roots

  • Is it just me or does anybody else think that iskall should do a Minecraft asmr video

  • Iskall - "Mojang needs to add a blinking animation." Me - *Bedrock.*

  • he is bisi

  • Hello you must be a hermitcraft fan just like me! Well I'm making a server simular to hermitcraft (datapacks and the style of playing) but it's still different in some ways. If you want to join make sure you will be active on the server and make SLcd videos. If you will do this, then just dm me on discord my name and tag is TheLeviathanX#9599 or leonid50#9093

  • IskallMAN of doom

  • I prefer minecraft eyes not closing. That's part of why I play Java.

  • I love the guns and roses poster on the bulletin

  • This was posted on my birthday lol

  • one day you will become the third swidish minecraft multimillionaire

  • Stress Hallo > Iskall Hallo Change my mind.

  • Epic vid

  • Iskall you should add some pillars to the mega tree cave

  • Grian spends like 30 episodes on a base (no hate) and is kale created a Lego hole with torches fog and carpet in one episode

  • 0:10 Elybeatmaker, pls do a remix

  • Play bed wars

  • Iskall: well have to make a pirate copy. (I dont remember who made wallpaper shop) explaining u should copy as mutch as possible

  • Iskall : I haven’t done tereforming for ages Me : Call Jumbo

  • If I remember, Glass does tend to hide particles at least in some if not all cases.

  • It would be cool if you could bild a omega rocket in the midle of your tree

  • Iskall; insta mining is the best thing to do in Minecraft. Me: how the frick are you insta mining!!

  • For the bridges, I am not sure if it can be done in Minecraft, but if you can have the moving stairwell bridges they had in harry potter that would be really cool.

    • it would be awesome but there's not really a way to make structures rotate like that

  • Why the roots so small tho?

  • Iskall85 Make a OMEGA diorite destroyer in a cave. And make it very satisfying.

  • Hello

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  • So no one’s gonna talk about that beautiful Guns N Roses cover Beef made?

  • Bootleg copies for sale

  • Spoon counter

  • The moustache looks like two sausages connected

  • I have to see this base with RTX.

    • Jeff Peng, not how his base currently is tho.

    • He made a video of exactly that

  • I think you should do a grass path floor in front of the counter. maybe spot some coarse dirt around.

  • Glass affect is dope

  • should have done it green

  • Do u like glass like the Swedish glass

  • Nice vault of doom

  • Iscal what happened tonyour content :( its kinda taken a dive in my eyes ngl :(

  • I'm not kidding I think I see a wooden face in the beehive (11:38 in to the video)

  • The diamond cave is now known as the "Omega Isle Of Dieamonds! (of doom)" Like so he sees!

  • It’s me mumbo

  • Put the villager farm down with the diamond counter.

  • You should continue some of the roots down into the cavern. This would make it feel more lifelike and realistic.

  • Okay here’s a name for the cave: the omega cave It’s not that good but idk lol

  • You should add Cobble and other textures to make it look like the roots are breaking through the rock below the mega tree!

  • mumbos face is the biggest thing since the button