HermitCraft 7: 58 | BERNIE'S SECRET...

Objavljeno 7. okt. 2020
HermitCraft 7: 58 | BERNIE'S SECRET...
Bernie, the Hedge Game Professor (of doom), has a dilemma and a BIG SECRET. Watch how iskall solves things with DIAMONDS, THOUSANDS OF DIAMONDS!
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
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  • Day 985742 Of waiting for the 4th dimension update to be added.

  • ah great he found the netherrack

  • *Dude, omg pllllleeesseeeeeeeee stop with all the dang laughing, there is absolutely nothing funny at all about what's going on in your videos, geeez!!!*

  • Who else was waiting to see if he would sing a his outro as one of the hermit challenges

  • Omega Caterpillar pillars of doom?

  • hi


  • you could put a chest on the lama to actually collect tips

  • Dinky

  • Beacons: are crafted with 3 obsidian. Iskall: Why are beacons so slow to mine?

  • Iskall’s tree looks like a giant sapling right now, but i know it’s going to be fantastic when it’s done

  • Beacons are so hard to mine because they are made out of a obsidian

  • GME

  • I dont get what the bark imprint is??

  • You can mine beacon with your hand and it stay work Try that iskall I am not kidding

  • I don’t like when Iskall spends his diamonds he must not want to get to his goal

  • You can just sell all the rest you have when you get to a mill

  • Local SLcdr turns into a stalker

  • the format of the comment section is simply Iskall: doing something slightly abnormal Person or inanimate object: Adequate reaction

  • When you make your omega cave in the next update, you should put roots in the ceiling as a nod to you current base.

  • When the caves and cliffs update comes out, you need to do Iskalls Island 2

  • I laughed so hard when Iskall followed Kerala around. I had tears in my eyes it was so funny. And I love that Mumbo put him right to work, LOL. Truly entertaining episode. I needed that laugh.

  • no worries i am your shadow

  • What about tag two eletric bogaloo


  • So this is what happened. I was confused, watching Mumbos video

  • Ep 100: I got 10.0 Ep 101: I am again broke...

  • 5:23 *theres some more road work ahead*

  • Next, you should go for 10,000 Diamond blocks haha.

  • 20:37 If there was ONE more diamond in that counter it would have stopped on my birth year lol

  • I think Iskall is somehow going to single handedly cause Inflation with all this diamond mining haha

  • between this and the rotten flesh keralis has been gaslit so hard by these challenges

  • 6:45 TWSS

  • *"moyang"*

  • I love his Swedish accent


  • That my born 2001

  • Yeeeeessss digging straight down squad!!!

  • 9:43 while that "iskall" (is counting) out.

  • This guys is lucky he got a tour too dream smp

  • you should make it a surprise box in a way ;)

  • Me watching all the hermits : Me: everyone is doing diffrent things .... but there is one thing they all do ... All hermits : *zooms in* AH I DISSAPEARED *laughs*

  • It’s mojang Jang

  • You had me at HALLO!

  • M o d m s m. a u i i e o K t m n s n e O e s t n i i a n o g g n e

  • Is the tree , omega or is the omega , tree?

  • "I won't tell anyone about this" _Posts it on youtube_

  • No one knows what the bark imprint is

  • I'm curious as to why you didn't just plant oak trees in the limbs, then replaced the dirt with oak logs once they grew.

  • What is the bark imprint?

  • no one: Iskall mining diamonds: Ooh!! Hallo!!

  • Imagine if this tree caught on fire after all this hard work

    • Fire tick damage is off which iskall explained early in the series when he started building

  • You know they will choose option two now

  • make roots for the tree and make it go under bedrock. Then you can decorate the underground area with tree roots and the entire thing can be your omega cave/tree compound.

    • And make the area under the glass at the bottom of the tree go to under the bedrock.

  • 2001 diamonds are like ... 222 blocks ... and 3 diamonds

  • please have giant glden apples in tree

  • did u not spend a littel bit of dimons in a ep

  • Who searched for the live show afterwards just to watch iskalls part ?

  • did any of the hermits mention steve in smash bros?

  • “Omega cave of doom”

  • "2001!" (In the background, "Sunrise" by Richard Strauss plays)

  • An idea for the omega cave (if you end up doing it of course). Flip the omega tree upside down and have the branches be smaller caves coming of the main hole.

  • You could build the roots of the tree in season 8

  • Loved when he came up in the snow didn’t say anything and just flew off ahahah

  • Does Anyone know if he counted all the diamonds around his counter.

  • “Mouang”

  • Hey iskall when i was born you were probably playing minecraft

  • Is this a reupload?

    • It says this video was uploaded 6 min ago Edit- my notification said that, the video says 6 days ago. SLcd is weird

  • how about you make a tunnel to your cave to the bottom of the tree

  • 7:37 satisfying sound :D

  • i amd dos eie

  • i amd dos eie

  • Oh man this tree is taking for ever! But looks so cool

  • The piles look really ugly (this is not hate this is just a heads up)

  • Honestly every time I see the half dead tree. I think of the LifaTree from FFIX.

  • There’s more diamonds in your old base in the chest that u wanted to hit the goal

  • I was really expecting a HALLO at 7:07 😢

  • 2001 is not divisible by 9, so that can't possibly be exactly 2001 diamonds. =/

  • You should build the omega cave under the omega tree, and have roots crack through into the cave.

  • Do grians challenge on himself

  • What’s the bark imprint?

  • Does he mean Good Game by GG or Get Grian?

  • Grian can do the disappearing trick too lol

  • Yo Iskall, you should see KubsKouts 3rd Minecraft Video. Particularly 4:25, it'll shock you.

  • johnny cash

  • 19:54 it was so weird to hear Iskall's voice instead of Mumbos lol

  • 1 netherite block=150 diamonds That menas 10=1500 diamonds Plus 20x9 diamonds=180 diamonds =1680 diamonds on the first reward Second reward 9x64 diamonds =576 diamonds First reward is much better

  • grian makes 2 mansions iskall: TREEE not tryna say grian is better but he is (kinda)

  • Iskall who was that during the start of the mining trip at around 6:30 time?

  • Iskall: omega ca- Me: here we go again

  • Random question why don’t you set up a beacon when mining for diamond and instabreak black with haste 2 in a 50by 50 by like 7 high from y 12-19

  • Omega cave of doom in a live volcanno

  • In the diamond counter you should change the black concrete to redstonelamps too

  • hej

  • Bernie should leave with grun bot

  • For the next season you should make a OMEGA cave base

  • You should model the rewards into two hands for bernie

  • E

  • It’s funny how he said Moyang instead of mojang

  • anyone got the link to iskall in mc live?