Objavljeno 18. okt. 2020
HermitCraft 7: 60 | LEAFING HERMITCRAFT iskalls OMEGA Tree house base needs leafing, Bernie and the Hedge games concludes, and, it's a matter of principle.
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
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  • Etho

  • When he said that he was “leafing” Hermitcraft, I thought that he actually meant it, and my heart stopped beating for about 45 seconds.

  • Grand because I’ve seen it

  • Mumbo

  • his puns are so bad but so good at the same time

  • Rendog

  • Kerales

  • Yes.. It was.. Just rendog... 😏😏😏

  • Etho

  • IM watching this video on april first hahaah

  • I Think it Can be either Ren or Stress. Totally not knowing it from the future

  • Ren he got help from grian

  • Grian and rendog

  • Rendawg

  • He didn't mention that the first place trophie has dirt in it

  • iskall do quick maths. 4:57

  • I guessed Xisuma would win for no real reason.

  • You got me man. There’s only 2 people like me! :)

  • You got me Iskall

  • Iskall: I got 3 people right Fans: Yep totally got 3 people Iskall, well done

  • Iskall: LEAF! I said LEAF! HAHAHAHAHA Xisuma enters the room: Actually Iskall, after that I'm going to have to deliver some regretful news...

  • :( what do u mean leaf

  • ren

  • I am monkey

  • Grian rendog

  • grian prob

  • keralis

  • grian and ren

  • Iskall: *puts on tropical fish head* Iskall: I AM MAD! Me: *Falls out of chair through laughter* HAHAHAHAHA!

  • I think Cleo

  • Rendog won I’m guessing

  • I have a feeling grian or cub will win.

  • Noone: Iskall: * uses gold BLOCKS as scaffold *

  • Night Stalker

  • Rendog.

    • I know I am a couple months late to the episode but I legit guessed this.

  • If hermitcraft sever dose't have fire tick off iskall mega tree maybe burn down right now

  • Rendog

  • When will Iskall leaf these puns behind

  • 9:11 I had a heart attack the first time I watched Especially bc of the sad music

  • I convulsed and almost died when I saw him open the gold box

  • Ren and grian won

  • Obviously iskall85 won! He donated like a million shovels!

  • Scar

  • Iskall be thy park or mastor

  • just one fire and its all gone

  • eeeeeeeeetho

  • 15:48 you can tell this will be in at least one intro

  • Did you know that Grian is teaming up with Rendog SOo I think they cheeted I just watch it (just saying)

  • Who's heart also dropped when he said he's leafing the hermitcraft server?

  • Iskall is the only hermit I know who keeps an ENCHANTED Flint and Steel in their inventory all the time (I think)

  • grian rendog

  • 9:06 I swear I believed that for At least 10 sec. and I was about to cry🤦

  • Iskall!!! You actually got me, I literally gasped!

  • I am sad,he is leaving hermitcraft 😭

  • Iskall: oh no oh no oh no no no no no Me: *thinking about the 'oh no song'*

  • Grian!

  • Rendog

  • Rent and grian

  • Ren and Grian

  • I think the redstone box was with your villagers in the starter base? you've probs already found it tho.

  • grian and scar?


  • This is funny and all, but i actually almost chocked with my chicken, when u said that ur leafing

  • He realy got me

    • I thought it was ep 100 and he did not have the tree done Then I relisef

  • pls, someone tell me how to make minecraft look this good?

  • Scars landscaping job should’ve been finishing your tree XD

  • It’s gotta be grian and ren. And I totally haven’t already watched grians video on this...

  • I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Reeeeeeendig

  • *uses gold blocks as scaffolding*

  • He should make small tree on top of omega tree

  • One single lighting strike...

  • You are mad but you are not mad as mumbo

  • I swear after Season 7 is done, he is gonna be natural at building organically.

  • Rendog being the last to be seen made it a lot better

  • Grain and rendog

  • What’s slime is it iskallium :)

  • What!?!

  • Ok

  • Why you cant do it

  • Yo what if he made the tree a hotel

  • Me: reading the title Me: HA! That's bs

  • you are mumbo jumbo with an accent

  • Beleaf me

  • Title: leafing hermit craft Me who read it as leaving hermit craft:panic

  • You read the title wrong

  • Imagine having a bee and honey farm in the shape of a hanging nest.

  • When he said, "leafing Hermitcraft" it threw me off because of his Swedish accent so it sounded like he was leaving hermitcraft

  • 40 hours I would take 40 days

  • Crazy idea: What if you made the tree based on seasons? And add a bunch of saplings everywhere?

  • Sometimes I forget hermitcraft is done in survival

  • Xisuma I hope

  • Gay

  • He got me I was legit in tears when he said he was gonna be leaf-ing phew

  • All the hermits are having trouble showcasing their bases because they are all so massive this season

  • Grian and rent he dog

  • I thought he said he was leaving hermitcraft lmao

  • Diorite

  • Är ditt skin inspererat av Daidalos Labyrint på Bolinomba?