HermitCraft 7: 63 | BLOW UP THE ISLAND!

Objavljeno 5. nov. 2020
HermitCraft 7: 63 | BLOW UP THE ISLAND! iskall is back at trying to make 10000 diamonds in minecraft on the hermitcraft server. To do that, he upgrades iskall treasure island by adding TNT... and other things...
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
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  • Iskalls fav item in Minecraft: Flint and Steel

  • 4:11 reminded me of Crash Bandicoot...

  • "If my caculations are correct, this is going to be huge" -Iskall85 2020

  • his game is wayyyyy too complicated ^^'

  • 6:45 det är Österrikes flagga

  • I love how he only uses gold blocks for Redstone now 😂

  • 6:38 ...Austria cube...

  • can u pls make a vid where u go mine for 2000 diamonds

  • iskall: marketing was never my strong su- *disappears in zoom again*


  • Also if they found the dim blokes with TNT it might blow them up

  • Iskall I'm going to build a blowing up that block also iskall makes it with red and black. A blowing up TNT BLOCK IS white and only white

  • Iskall: redstone redstone redstone Me: ummmmmmmmmmm nope

  • *e.* *E.* *E . * *5.* *E.EXE.*

  • Normal: Sand Iskall: Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Grian: (on Season 6 Sahara): SAaAAaAAAAaAaaaAaAaAaaaAaAAAAAAaaAaAaAnD

  • 19:20 Who’s gonna tell him that a million people are?

  • a air ballon out of tnt with glass around it

  • 10:46 why is the gravel floating????

  • Hallo?

  • Won't the TNT possibly blow up the Shulker boxes with the treasures if its put too closely?

  • 19:20 - That is exactly what we're all doing, right now! 😜

  • I just realized mumbo started the war of the dirt cover. Iskall only made a slime shop, which led to the diamonds, the mayor, the turf war, and all that good stuff, because of the 10,000 block challenge. Which came from Hermit Challenges by Mumbo. So mumbo started the war.

  • I hear it on your voise

  • Are you from sweden

  • Does he realize how many diamonds he is losing with this new system

  • 8:30 Peter---

  • Other SLcdrs: Spends 12+ hours purposely attacking drowned and almost dying and when they FINALLY get a trident, they get so happy they forget to turn off their streams. Iskall: randomly gets attacked by a drowned and gets a trident and his reaction is; Oooooohhhhh, then goes back to building TNT with wool without batting an eye LMFAO

  • Soo he pretty much made a gotcha system in Minecraft :P lol

  • The Nevada votes are being counted by the diamond counter 😂

  • Umm what happens if they blow it up and then blow up a barrel or the diamond blocks

  • I love how Iskall just uses gold as scaffolding

  • Make run 2.0 Keralis is way way way to rich

  • griffin. what does that mean? 8:31

  • I cant get note blocks to work with observers in bedrock and it makes me sad 😭

  • 10:46 is so illegal

  • Rip iskallis (iskall+keralis skin)

  • When you put four stacks of diamonds in the island as a prize for a game that has historically produced 3 stacks in revenue

  • Hey Iskall what if you use the invisible item frames with black concrete on your tnt props

  • Who lives in a pineapple under the sea 4:59

  • Diorite

  • Hahaha nice

  • Why don't you use the trophy as the base for your diamonds?

  • pogskallMAN!

  • 17:59 iskall says "nej which is no in swedish

  • 2001 (diamond blocks): An (inventory) Space Odyssey

  • You should have called this "Buisness is booming"

  • Now whenever someone tries to greet me, all I can think of is- HALLO! Or... Iskall...MAN!

  • kelly clarkson

  • I want you to play ark

  • SaaaaaAAAAnnd

  • ISKALL put more videos I really like them and want to watch more pls

  • Oh no, the views are getting under 1M

  • Only me that heard like *bUgH* BuGh* bUnG* like really....... only me wow :3

  • Goodbye Hallo

  • Hallo i had svedish meatballs for lunch today Hermit challengeeees!

  • Why are there mibs on a mushroom island

  • Hey what ever happened to the 5 diamond blocks you and grian and mumbo launched into season 7 on the last episode of season 6?

  • Note to myself: 2:53

  • Hey Iskall, Legundo used diorite in his house on day four of his hardcore world

  • Are you doing fine iskall feed kinda boring without your vids

  • Iskalls face looks so cringe but he still makes bank

  • I'm waiting for the WEEN merch noww

  • we r with u iskall u will reach 10,000 diamond blocks

  • Pogskall!!

  • For your diamond counter slcd.info/drink/video/lKhozLqK1rHQyZo

  • Helloooo iskall85 please ask Loony to join hermit craft

  • iskall at 10:46 you made gravel float how!?

  • #banndiorite

  • Pesky dirt is friends with pesky bird :OOOOOOOOOOOO


  • Join the resistance

  • I love how even though Mumbo has a Minecraft skin that can't emote, we could all still see him do a double take and be like- WHAT??

  • I think I would get frustrated if I spent a diamond and got a golden shovel with 10 durability on it. Maybe more durable spoons? Also cobwebs would look awesome as an explosion effect for the tnt

  • @iskall85 should make a diorite burner when he is upset when a project fails or just for fun

  • Just make “Run 2: Electric Boogaloo” The richest Hermit is Keralis. I think you know where this is going.

  • Iskall: I got beaten by a book. Me: Wow that’s harsh.

  • Iskall please create an iskallium(slime) team to combat the mycelium/grass war.

  • POGGERSKALL bottom text

  • If Iskall wants to hit 10,000 diamonds by episode 100, he'll need to get 211 diamonds in *each* episode from now on.


  • use diamond blocks for the payment instead of diamonds

  • Is That s Burger with Marshmallows?


  • Love your videos and yo face

  • Are we forgetting that Iskall can only make it to 9,999 diamonds if he’s placing them all in blocks, and will need to place one random diamond?


  • Sell the buttons

  • Oh it's austria

  • the tnt block kinda looks like a red velvet oreo or is it just me 😂

  • You could get some spoons in Grian's barge mystery boxes.

  • 1:06 Nevada

  • wont the tnt explode the barrels?

  • Petter

  • Treasure Island upgrade available!!

  • The gravel floated time stamp 10.47

  • When he broke the “HALLO” sign it sounded like a very good beat.

  • redstone is exactly like programming

  • Tango: make heartbeat for decked out Mumbo: makes heartbeat to represent his base living Iskall: makes heart beat for the treasure island lobby

  • Iskall: sells tnt For treasure island Hermits: blows up all the prizes

  • Why do you have a compulsive need to throw away every single diamond you earn