Objavljeno 18. dec. 2020
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iskallMAN makes a return and makes an omega donation to PACIFIC, definately needed to get ahead. Iskall later also creates the entire lobby of Pacific
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  • I'm sure someone already told you but you overpaid for the prismarine :P

  • Did he overpaid for the prismarine? Or I'm wrong? :O

  • U are turning to a tree master -_-

  • u should place a beacon in the middle of the diamond pile in pacific and some diamond blocks to blue stained glass so you an see the beam. the effect could be speed of jump boost. i think that would be cool

  • Do you use a program to help you find the diamonds?

  • Im on a mission to catch up on hermit craft I'm 2 months behind ahhhh

  • I think treasury is something to do with British parliament

  • He overpaid for prismerine 1 diamond for two not 1 diamond per stack lol

  • N00b reader... i'm read/head around 500 book last year ;)

  • GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRREAT, can you pls let grian build modern things too, I really like modern for life

  • He over paid on the prismarine it was 1 diamond for 2 stacks

  • The wabba dacky

  • Fill up the glass box and put tropical fish in it

  • Can someone tell him how to pronounce Attenborough idk why but it pained me to hear burrow

  • Do polished basalt in that orientation it looks amazing

  • You know if you never wasted this 1000 diamonds and the other two thousand diamonds you got from mining you could have 5000 diamonds which is halve way to your goal

  • Hes not making those diamonds back is he

  • 16:45 I skall it’s 1 diamond every 2 stacks u can go get ur other diamond back lol

  • there’s been enough free audible books from the hermits, I can get the whole Harry Potter series twice!

  • Plz invite grian to join Pacific I absolutely loved Sahara it was my fave part of season 6😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • “ *and what I’m picturing is-* “ *ad* : NUTS

  • I feel like you should extend the diamond tube all the way up through the different floors. It would be a fun addition for the hermits to watch your stash grow as they hand them over...

  • “It kind of reminds me of something in the past”/ also called Sahara

  • " i don't wanna call it a vault " Mumbo: "that's pants"

  • i already have subscribed :)

  • "David Attenborrow" :'(

  • I wonder when he will notice that he put the colours in the wrong order for the colourful additions beside the noticeboards.

  • Why does he dig straight down and up

    • I found a sick channel which basically teaches you how to make hermitcraft, how to be that insane as the game, some day Imma build hermitcraft cus of it lmao. slcd.info/plus/pUHNMIDCGPz8npw5xjmSmQ.html Really cool Tips!!!!

  • The pattern goes from red to orange it he put orange to red lol

    • I found a sick channel which basically teaches you how to make hermitcraft, how to be that insane as the game, some day Imma build hermitcraft cus of it lmao. slcd.info/plus/pUHNMIDCGPz8npw5xjmSmQ.html Really cool Tips!!!!

  • Spacifically Pacific empire

  • Iskall u paid 1 diamond extra for the prismarine

  • 16:39 "1 diamond per 2 stacks" pays 2 diamonds for 2 stacks :)

  • Over 3 mins of ad... so much ad...

  • water elavator through the diamonds?

  • cocoa beans on palm trees so they look like coconuts :)

  • Anyone else got Celadon City Department Store vibes when Iskall said "Information wall so Hermits know which floor to go to"?

  • There should be a empty wall in the lobby that has a pixle art of a beach, ocean, etc.... something pacific

  • By the amount of hidden shulkerboxes I am 100% sure he has a box or more full of all the stuff he spent diamonds on... ._. #antistonks

  • u paid an extra diamond at impulse's shop!

  • perfect is my favourite colour

  • 1:36 David attenbo-roh, errrrr

  • If you had 5 floors you could have one colour from the logo to represent each floor

  • Has anyone had a problem when their minecraft launcher won’t work? I’ve tried any method I can think of and looked at countless SLcd tutorials but everything I do doesn’t work. If you have something that you think isn’t very out there and I might not have tried it, then please tell me. Thanks

  • Yes, treasury is a word...

  • Did Iskall really just say “reception disc”

  • Is it just me or is it horrifying that Iskall used logs instead of wood, which has the log texture on all 6 sides. I mean c’mon man, we love you but it just looks SO much better with wood.

  • 16:45 mr. Richy giving a tip

  • Iskallman: “I’m pretty sure that we shouldn’t have a floor...” *video pauses for buffering* Me: “Yes, no floor is best floor.”

  • ... how much value does an "iskall" have on a rating scale?

  • Did anyone else notice that when Iskall bought the prismarine from impulse buys that it said 1 diamond for 2 stacks and he paid 1 diamond per stack? Or was that just me?

  • I feel like he could do that pacific sunset as like a feature wall on the inside

  • Its hollow 😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Iskall makes the island makes it better makes The Skelton The palette The First 2 Walls the Other 2 The Blueprints The Interior The Logo Outside And The 1000 Thousand Diamonds Donation And The Scar Landscaping Job And Mumbo You Ask Rubber Ducks!!!

  • 16:40 you can see 2 stacks costs 1 diamond and iskall puts 2 diamonds and takes 2 stacks xD

  • Loving the arc you create from the sponsorship of audible to a mining challenge for the time of one audiobook! Fabulous idea! Somehow I'd like more of those intros ^^

  • 3:20 Who else is getting annoyed by that one log?😂

  • Iskall overpaying at the guardian shop, classic

  • Ok hear me out, I know that torches are a bit ugly and the particles and what not but Tiki torches would be very PACIFIC

  • I feel like the treasury 's glass chamber should burst through the entire building till the roof and into the pool

  • i now feel like this.... iskall85:dibby dibby diamonds!

  • Iskall: "i really wish there was more lighting options in minecraft! 1.17: "Your wish, is my command." Lol

  • you overpaid 1 diamond buying prismarine stuff from impulse buys

  • Can u place a beacon in the nether or end?

  • There is a construction company called Pacific.

  • Use those 10k diamonds once you reach that goal to make an OMEGA mall and then buy other hermits shops to have their shop in your mall and split the profit Iskall gets 40% then sell your item in there too. The hard part is just getting the hermits put there shops insid d

  • Iskall doing a outro: Creeper:oof

  • Throw your pickaxe too in the fire after mining DIORITE ewwwor in lava, to clean the dirite dust left on it. #CleanYourPickaxe

  • Obviously you need a sea entrance to your diaper room

  • The floors for pacific can ha e the pacific colors for color scheme

  • It’s cyan blue pink red orange

  • Iskall: so I was going to put them towards my 10k Me: yes, that is reasonable Iskall: but.... Me: oh....what Iskall: Iskall.....man Me: no god please no

  • I dunno why, but the lobby kind of reminds me of a furniture store I once went to, minus the palm trees and the rubber duck.

  • Is it me or Iskall diuuum

  • david attenburro

  • “Pacific has become an empire” Me “ too bad this ain’t Star Wars”

  • The lobby looks good but it is a mess it feels like you put random stuff and in random places adding a wall behind the reception or the treasury would make it much better and makes it look like an actual lobby.


  • i wonder what happens if u say diorite in the comments

  • The flor look lik me

  • 3:58 Timestamp for those who love *STONKS*

  • You should call the diamond pile area the 'The Treasure Trove' since it would fit the theme of the ocean.

  • ISKALL: I dont have a thousand diamonds we only have a few Everyone: A FEEEWWWW!!

  • Did anyone notice he paid extra for the prismarine

  • Wow you just sped up your like hour of mining with x-ray unbelievable

  • Wow you just sped up your like hour of mining with x-ray unbelievable

  • For the palm trees you can use the logs with bark all around so you don't see the inside of the log

  • I know its late but maybe instead of diamond in the mid u shud put elevator And then when the elevator goes down in the basement (basment can only be accessed by key) its the treasure room!

  • Its honestly sad to watch Iskall mining diamonds just to watch him "invest" and not adding any to his pile

  • :-)

  • did any1 notice iskall paid 2 diamonds for impulse buts it costs only 1!


  • Hey iskall how about making palm trees of ancient debris. It will be awesome

  • 16:41 it says ONE diamond per TWO stacks and the got two stacks but put two diamonds.

  • You could always make tiki torches

  • The US Treasury it means like Bank

  • Kinda obvious you used xray on the montage. Its really a shame noone noticed but its w/e

  • 6:52 Wait is Iskall's shovel called HELLO?

  • I know I'm a little late to the video BUT The diamond pillar in the middle could be an elevator to to other floors of Pacific

  • Hey I looked over the comments that aquarium idea was mine

  • You should leave the middle window on each side of the build, on each level as an open elytra entrance, so that once people remember the floors and where items are they can easily access anything they want