HermitCraft 7: 72 | I built a SMART ELEVATOR

Objavljeno 22. dec. 2020
HermitCraft 7: 72 | I built a SMART ELEVATOR
Iskall gets a christmas gift from another hermit and later travels back to Pacific to install an aquarium AND a smart multi floor elevator! In minecraft! it is very mega smart!
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  • Wouldn't it have been easier to just have each page say please return to page one before you select your floor, than you have the lectern inject the water on page turn instead of remove the floor selected.

  • hey Iskall since you have plenty of gold, you should add a omega golden chandelier of doom on your omega tree of doom

  • I was SO CONFUSED why no one in the comment section had mentioned this was the last episode he made in 3 months Only to then finally realize after a month of checking the Playlist, that he's made more episodes but just forgotten to add to the playlist

  • I've binged all of this series in 2 days after watching mumbos version and wow man, u r very talented at building in this game IskallMaaaannn. Good job man :)

  • Do you know grogu ( baby yoda ) he is so cute

  • LECTERN?!! are you kidding me

  • It really hurts iskall making the life difficult for himself a single observer on every floor would be perfect

  • Iskall is a cat confirmed.

  • I just relized that netherite armor is made of diamond, netherite, and gold.

  • Should add a fish launcher but someone who invents useless contraptions

  • ''Rubber ducks are humans too -Iskall85-

  • The fish are trying to swim to the warm ocean waters.

  • How you can from floor 2 to floor 3? or you have to go down and up again?

  • u should place a beacon in the middle of the diamond pile in pacific and some diamond blocks to blue stained glass so you an see the beam. the effect could be speed of jump boost. i think that would be cool

  • How do you get down

  • 20:35 - Wahoo! Peace of the Puzzle 😄

  • Pistons. Use pistons to block the player from going up any more by accsident

  • "rubber ducks are humans too" The most stupidest thing I ever heard in my life.

  • instead of turning off the dispenser on the floor you want why not have all of them off and turn on the ones to get to the floor

  • 0:03 You just ruinied my day by saying Obi Wan is on Star Trek :(

  • 7:05 fish transporting into new tank causing stress and now the fish be multiplin' owo

  • I got the biggest hole on the server, that doesn’t sound right

  • Can you build a tree house or a bird house in your tree that would ne cool

  • You could've just used kelp... I mean I hate to be that guy, but yes...

  • Iskall85: Talks about making a bubble elevator *_I like your funny words, magic man_*

  • i have better design lol

  • :pasificish :pacifish

  • Walls transfer signals


  • I personally would have set up a line of sticky pistons with a block attached to them so that you would push the block over the torch brain center after the floor was selected to only gain the redstone output from that one individual torch making it so the torch tower idea would still work without having to have all the observers and droppers

  • Would it be more simple to have every block on the back of the elevator be a dispenser so that they only get powered up to the floor you want. Meaning that there are source blocks of water leading up to, but not exceeding the selected floor

  • 🇭 🇦 🇱 🇱 🇴  𝔧𝔰𝔨𝔞𝔩𝔩 h͜͡o͜͡w͜͡ ă̈r̆̈ĕ̈ y̑̈ȏ̈ȗ̈

  • Wait... he uploaded episode 29 twice.....

  • 0:03 the moment i unsubscribe

  • Well that's one way to over-engineer a water elevator

  • Why not you replace items with 4 water streams with magma (3 binary bits + reset) and have a AND gate for floor number in binary. You detect water colons like in mumbo's heartbeat. This way your time would go down from item delivery to speed of 3 bit encoder. And it is constant on all floors.

  • Instead of dispensers with water buckets, use a piston to push a block just above head height to stop you with water logged stairs in the elevator walls to replace the water source when the piston retracts

  • Iskall: builds his industrial district next to an ice biome so he has easy access to ice also Iskall: buys ice for diamonds

  • 15:39

  • 14:38 iskall stop cussing lmao

  • grian made a base im your base

  • Impulse and grian built secret bases inside of the omega tree of doom.

  • You need to copy it and make it next to the other but backwards so you can get back down

  • Make it so that if people select a bigger number than 8 a TNT will blow up on them! lol

  • well let iskall find it himself

  • hmm I guess nobody knows about grian's and bdub's secret base

  • Iskall. I have just been informed by Grian that he, Impulse, and Bdubs have built a secret base in your tree.

  • dude grain built a secret base somewhere near your omega tree after impulse found his secret base that he built in his base. idk where it is but I think toy can find it its not hard to find a secret base in a giant tree

  • You know of you just put a observer at the end of the Redstone line to the depencer It would power when you select the page and then when you turn the page l.

  • Way better without water. Aquariums in mc just never look good with how dark water is

  • Pains me that Iskall wasn’t 11 because it was a Swedish flag present

  • Grian tried it in season 6 but he didn’t know how to make it

  • My head hurts

  • Please put a dolphin in the aquarium!!!

  • Iskall, there's a secret base in your base!

  • Grian built a secret base under your tree 👀

  • impulse made a secret base in your base

  • Bdubs made a secret base inside your base!!!

  • There’s a secrete base in your base in and in the secrete base there is an other secrete base X4

  • There's a secret base in your base!

  • there is a secret base in your base iskall

  • you have a base in your base

  • Grian made a base in your base!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Beware of the SECRET BASE

  • grian didn't build a secret base in your base!

  • grian didn't build a secret base in your base!

  • secret base in your base

  • There might be a secret base, inside your base!


  • Maybe have a block between the comparator and redstone and have the block move out and into the way using a one pulse sticky piston? Should make everything considerably smaller

  • If mumbo didn't know the HCBBS, that means theat it is iskall because he hasn't been posting any videos and here is the second clue, the HCBBS suspiciously has the colors of pacific: grey concrete, cyan terracotta, cyan concrete, and white concrete. Like if you agree

  • IsSquerrel cus he lives ina tree

  • I miskall my iskall!!!

  • I just realised that he is building a huge oak tree in a jungle biome

  • 4 weeks no hermitcraft😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • next episode when

  • Hey iskall your my favorite hermit i can’t wait till another video

  • You should make it so you can buy appliances from pacific.

  • iskall made the most roundabout system ever he could’ve used his first system of just redstone dust but hooked to a repeater... when you flip to that floor, it takes water away, when you flip away it re adds it

  • Er.... How do you go down a level?

  • Where do be you my nibbba.

  • its been 4 weeks if its a holiday this seems like a very long hoilday

  • Just fill pacific compleatly with water. lol You coult put a conduit in the middle

  • where is iskall ;-;


  • When will you do a new video :(

  • Iskall needs another to be his light because he has no light of his own

  • Too bad you can't put a light on the base floor to let people know when the elevator is ready to take you to your floor.

  • Det är jätte viktigt jag kan inte hålla mig jag förstår att du satt föra året i julen och var i nether och satt och satte knappar

  • Kommeer nästa avsnitt på onsdag eller torsdag

  • Say lel in instead of lol. Join my cult. Please.

  • So the lab was for what?

  • Iskall: Ducks are humans too Me: wait what... my life has been a lie.

  • Iskall and you won't tell mumbo either. Me:ok

  • Iskall I am here to ask you to keep the Paciffic logo as is. I want a 👕 with that logo on it. It's better than Sahara!

  • For the elevator you should use a piston on each floor to push a block into the stream of water. That way you stop at the exact level and do not overshoot the floor. Source water can be placed on either side of the water block that gets removed when the piston fires. Then use an and gate with the selector and button to only fire the piston on the floor you would like. Use a pulse extend or to keep the piston pushed in long enough for someone to get to their floor and get off of the elevator.

  • You can remove the fog in options to see farther in the nether! Like so he can see! l l l l l V

  • What is HCBBS

    • @Ugly Ducky 9553 This thing in the shopping district looks like these colour-boxes standing in pacific. I assume its a timer for when Pacific opens? But it could also have something to do with Tango's Among us

    • @Ugly Ducky 9553 Decided to see when Iskall's last video was after seeing Mumbo's, then Grian's videos. That's what I'm thinking, some secret server-wide minigame project he's been working on.

    • Maybe he did it and maybe he’s going to make like a mega episode or something

  • Look at how many views he gets compared to his vault hunters smp

  • You promised an episode a week ago.... Pls post....