HermitCraft 7: 77 | So I lost my base

Objavljeno 18. feb. 2021
HermitCraft 7: 77 | So I lost my base
iskall loses his hermitcraft base in the HERMITCRAFT BIG BASE SWAP scheme... After panicing and trying to come up with a plan for how to get his omega tree back, he builds a very smart boi, Tommy.
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
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  • This hit different at 6am

  • You get a 👎 from me. for what you did to the Diorite. That was not OK. Just because you don't like Diorite, does not give you the right to force people to not like Diorite. And not use it at all. You don't like Diorite is fine. Keep it to yourself. That was very rude. And RIP Shulker. And RIP diamonds if you used diamonds to buy that Shulker. What a waste all around.

  • VintageBeefs base got dark very fast

  • Help watching it at 2x is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Gravity falls flashback anyone?

  • Fourth spoon is Eyebrows

  • My base was lost in my smp

  • it looks it lucky no. 7 is not lucky for skulla bone

  • I love how he is just casually chatting as he destroys all the diorite

  • I think I have accidentally chopped it down in my skyblock tree farm :( .

  • is kale why aren’t you posting videos?!?!?!

  • Add a new book in minecraft

  • Etho: builds a super complex working tamagochi in his sp Iskal: Hold my Tommiboy

  • youre underrated bro, tis da first vid i watched and i fell in love immediately:) (Found ur channel by a meme comment on yt) i subed ehe

  • loophole iskall didnt use paper he used a sign

  • I love how no one on the server knows that Beef has two bases now😂😂

  • *grumbot is happy*

  • I think TommiBoi is Mumbo Jumbo. He has a magnificent moustache, he has two brain cells and he has spoons in them

  • Tommy Boy is business in the front, and "partly" in the back ;)

  • grumbot 2.0 ?

  • Totally should have had his lower eye lids come up so that it looks like he is glaring at you

  • This is kind of karma for you not working on your mega tree for months xD

  • Yes

  • Iskall would get the base that’s covered in diorite.

  • I love how when Iskall decides to build someone a new best friend, he gives him a big mustache and two brain cells full of spoons. Mumbo Jumbo is just friend-shaped I guess!

  • This is all just a big scam to make us all watch other hermits videos and YOU KNOW WHAT? it worked.

  • Just stream instead of uploading episodes. That way, the episode counter doesn’t ever increase.

  • Lol when you said Lv.100 Boss “That’s how mafia works”

  • 12 bamboo

  • Ngl the desert looks wack against the omega tree

  • Who is Tommy Boi

  • two brain cells and they're both full of spoons ... is Tommy Mumbo's brother?

  • Tommy boy's eyes follow you👀

  • 😂😂😂iskall’s reaction to being encased in diorite

  • That’s how mafia works😂

  • 24:04 DIORITE AS A GIFT ?????????

  • 7:17 reminds me of Stewie hahaha

  • should add a daylight sensor that puts him to sleep when it is night time lol.

  • Tommiboi should have a farm under him so vintagebeef can get that certain item as a gift.

  • I hate this, I don’t like the base swaps

  • Make him breath fire

  • Get it baaaaaaccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk

  • 14:12 not the old one any base you just build a huge chain of traded bases, for example he gets grians base the owner of grians base gets mumbos base for your base and then you can sell the owner of mumbos base beefs base.

  • Maybe four spoons could cause his hair to grow some more, to the point where it continue up to the limit of a piston, then another hair strand can continue. If not you could always make his ears wiggle or make the annoying noise.

  • 18:19 me: getting enourmous Grumbot vibes

  • He made a villager mumbo

  • Iskall you realize that you have to give beef your gold farm.

  • Make tommyinnit sorry Tommy’s totally smarter make Tommy boi be able to stick out his tough

  • I love how iskall has now just made beefs “best friend” a ball machine 😂

  • 9:51

  • At 16:31 it looks like something straight of a horror movie

  • 11:40 I love how you can hear Vintages soul escaping his body when Iskall says "it's my base now?"

  • Please add more and more length to TommiBoi’s mustache every episode! :D

  • Mumbo has a mustache competitor

  • Wow i bet iskall would have grian over for "tea and toast" agein

  • Pog

  • Maybe he can start a new branch here I. This base

  • beef's ender chest owns iskal's old base 9:02

  • Tommy is always watching you

  • 1.Convince beef to do a hermit challenges 2. Challenge beef to do pick one of nine papers with challenges on them 3. Have all of the papers say give back iskall85 base

  • Do one eyebrow instead of both

  • Why does the person (*Tommy Boy)statue remind me of "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet"?

  • He should make Beef finish most of the tree until episode 99, and then iskall places the last block on episode 100

  • Why did you break the diorite!! FOR ONCE UT LOOKED GOOD can't you appriciate ;-;

  • Ask him before 100 for a trade

  • 11:00 If it wasn’t bad enough he lost his tree, he gained a base constructed of DIORITE

  • iskall is in hevan right now

  • anyone know who made the barn at 17:21 ?? thanks :)))

  • I fell the pain of diorite

  • you can hear the pain in beefs voice when he iskall talks about how much he hates diorite

  • So TommiBoi has two brain cells that just trade spoons back and forth... And a moustache... This is straight plagiarism.

  • To get your deed back, become IsDallas (ref. to PayDay, AKA robbery) and steal it back

  • Iskall, TommiBoi's fourth spoon should trigger him sticking his tongue out!

  • Uwu

  • 4 spoons make His head explode

  • Petition for Iskall to secretly keep building onto the main tree

  • It's a mixture of grumbot and mumbo's base, it's only missing one thing! Grians shenanigans! 😂

  • YES

  • make the back of the head a phone

  • Roses are red. Violets are blue. I almost cried. And so did u

  • I don't get why hermits have to trade farms. It's the big base swap, not the farm swap.

  • I know that grian says that bases are not sacred and that this is all in good fun and I know that's true. But as a viewer it's just not enjoyable to watch someone's base get messed with. Even if it is fine with the hermit.

  • Can Someone tell Iskall that the machine he's calling beefskall's frnd, is a ball throwing machine!!!!!!

  • my gods how the eyes follow you

  • Whoever switches with the more technical hermits like Etho is going to have a blast. Does that mean his tro- I mean Shade E Es belong to someone else? Man who ever owns that trol- I mean amazing shop is going to have a blast.

  • Make tommyboi's hair grow

  • The return of the bumbo

  • The pain in both of their voices when they realized what they were giving up

  • Tommy boy is mumbo

  • Mumbo definitely did hcbbs bc the diorite was intentional

  • How to get the omega tree back!: Step one: Invite beef to join hermit challenges. Step 2: challenge him to swap deeds. Step 3: profit!

  • U sure this is not 2b2t

  • 4 spoons can be a smile :D

  • Iskall: Tommy isn't very smart Also Iskall: He gots spoon in his brains

  • Looks like someone needs to pay for a visit Beefskalls Industrial district...

  • Make him wiggle his nose

  • Make tommy's hair pop up and down

  • i thought that the title was i made a smart tommyinnit i was like IMPOSIBLE

  • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeskall!!!!!!! :-)

  • you could also just build branches in your new base!