HermitCraft 7: 78 | iskallMAN's SECRET deed...

Objavljeno 23. feb. 2021
HermitCraft 7: 78 | iskallMAN's SECRET deed...
iskall has got a plan for the omega tree of doom. iskallMAN shows up and a camp is built before iskallMAN goes on a BIG SECRET DEED run! VintageBeef is also introduced to TommyBoi
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
Jono's IskallMAN Official Music Video: slcd.info/drink/video/tah60rurlam4vog&ab_channel=jono
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  • You know you're getting old when there are people that exist that don't know that the "flipper thing" is called a pinball machine.

  • Second floor of Pacific could be offices... Maybe

  • VintageBeef: improves iskalls base by making load sof nice rooms Iskall: um here's JonnyBoi he gives sh*t gifts and you have to fed him or he gets angry Beef: °________°

  • Is enybody else worried that something happened to iskall

  • I'm pretty sure the swing is a tire swing

  • it's been a month ? Iskall did mumbo get the better of you ?

  • If i were a hermit i would have collected countless shulker of leaves and sell it to iskall

  • 21:50 hahahahaha. that had me dying lol

  • You ever notice iskall speaks like borat

  • Iskall: This is where the gimmick comes in. You see, your new best friend, Tommyboy, needs caring for. And who better to care than, than Beefskall? Beef: ...I have to care for Tommyboy? 22:01 I don't know why but this made me laugh out loud. The way Iskall deliberated for a moment before slowly saying Beefskall and how Beef was just switching between hestitation and bewilderment the whole time. It was just so funny to me. 🤣

  • iskall not uploading for a long time so he will never reach episode 100: "sometimes my genius... it's almost frightening"

  • He alvays have something at the end. LOL

  • Im like a month late but with the swap does beef get iskalls vault?

  • It looks well and natural some of the wood getting visible

  • Unintentional pun you made: “You know, i just can’t leave it!” *places leaves*

  • I love you!!

  • All the viewers when he doesn't upload for a month. What happend? is he dead???

  • Remember when iskall played hermitcraft

  • I am

  • Yeah right

  • Is he up to something huge?

  • Who else waiting for another ep

  • When the world needed him the most he disappeared 😣😣

  • Its been a month

  • Yea

  • Iscal is definitely dead

  • I miss iskals videos

  • Do they ever like let us know why they aren't on for a month i feel like the entire hermit craft thing is dead at this point

    • He made a community post.

  • Where is iskall

    • Is iskall even streaming on twitch

  • Did This Guy Retire?

  • Vault smp exists Hermitcraft exists in the same world iskall:Huh whats hermitcraft i forgot

  • WHERE UPLOAD ??!??!?!?

  • Oh no, I think he’s gone to get milk

  • I came here cuz i miss his voice. It's like hearing a long lost friend...

  • we miss you mate

  • Can you please do hermitcraft again. I really miss it and I think beef mises his Base.

  • Why no post

  • Iskal you haven't made a vid in a month are you ok

  • Hmm yes, vault hunters will not get in the way of the hermitcraft episodes

  • Might I ask where are all the hermits

  • May iskall rest in peace.

  • I think iskals dead

  • Wya iskall

  • I looked at his twitch account and he's only streaming another series, he forgot about us :'(


  • Man stuck on the roof again?......

  • diorite is good!

  • Where are man we miss you.

  • Did he died ?

  • Is he Dead probably not

  • Sorry for being mean but seriously at least tell us what’s going on

  • Come back!

  • Iskall just ignore the hate comments if you need a break from hermit craft you deserve it.

  • Hallo,iskall,you alive

  • At first I was being considerate but now with zero updates or videos I’m just angry


  • I checked his Twitter and he’s just doing vault hunters

  • Screw it I’m unsubscribed

  • no new vid in a month?

  • ISKALL post a video and you better be doing a 100 days of mining for netherite

  • Been a month since the last vid😐

  • Can’t wait to wait another week just for a shitty 20 min video. If u take a month + break we deserve a video that’s at least a half hour. If we don’t get it, I’m disliking every video u post

  • iskall is dead lok

  • Where are you? My kiddos are worried about you!

  • My guy doesn't need to finish OMEGA TREE before 100 episodes if 100 episodes aren't coming 🤷‍♂️

  • Iskall the month ended add sense are back up you can upload again

  • Iskall pls do hmit craft 79


  • Where iskalan we have a crisis

  • Frick this I’m unsubscribing

  • Where has iskall gone

  • Epicc

  • he is probably tiered and taking a long break. he deserves it.

    • na hes playing vault hunters everyday, just neglecting hc

  • Everyone: Where's Iskall? But nobody is asking how is iskall

  • Iskall you ok bro...

  • When will the next episode come out?

  • Upload

  • Upload

  • Upload

  • hey Iskall have you notice that you'd got your base back?


  • are u dead or what. u not uploaded since 1 month please u are my favorite yter. please say that u are not dead

    • hes been playing vault hunters on twitch just neglecting hc rn

  • Iskall is waiting until beef wants to swap back so he doesn’t have to do anything

  • Dude please post soon I have waiting for soooooo long

  • iskall is everything okay ? 1 Month an no new Video ! Im kinda worried about you ! Miss ya ma Boy

  • Iskall could you please upload

  • Iskall: This is looking good! Also Iskall: Oh no this is looking very bad!

  • Whereee is my favorite youtuber i didnt post in over a month!!!😩😩

  • IskallMan

  • Bro do you mind like I respect the grind but I’m missing out here give us an update or something

  • Iskall we are waiting -_-

    • @De bro skee ? I doubt he will.

    • @De bro skee ? I hope so I know he sometimes goes for a month of rest

    • He will upload this week

  • Post video pls

  • When will wa come back iskallman miss ya

  • When will you upload your next hermitcraft episode it’s been a month

  • U should def make an op bonemeal farm to feed your tree farm

  • where ya at iskall? imma go cheak you twitch to see when you were last live lol

  • day 35. still no iskall.

  • First

  • where are you

  • What happen to Iskall? anyone knows? Is he OK?

    • He is ok. He was a bit burned out from HermitCraft. He is playing his modpack in twitch.

    • He is fine this week or next week new ep

    • I dont know! Hes been gone so long! And beefs video makes me suspect something odd is going on