HermitCraft 7: 79 | A PINK Return

Objavljeno 4. apr. 2021
HermitCraft 7: 79 | A PINK Return
iskall returns to the hermitcraft server after a longer break, and there has been some movement in regards of certain sticks on the server. Also, iskalls choice of Pacific interior is... questionable.
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
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  • "Pink concrete is definitely underestimated." *Stressmonster has entered the chat

  • I don’t like the pink ceiling

  • Hey iskall, the pescy bird delivery from grain is still available!

  • pacific vs barge Co.

  • we all need to say f fo gerald the fish...

  • Iskall, I have waited so long for a new episode of Hermitcraft or just anything. you are my favorite hermitcrafter, pls make a new episode or tell us whats going on

    • so how did you like the new episode

  • Iskall: "This is the most impractical shop i have ever done inside of Minecraft." Me as viewer: "What shop have you designed outside Minecraft that is more impractical than Pacific?"

  • day 1 of saying iskall I know you wont read this bur I have some ideas for your diamons make I will say 3 now number 1. stop using diamonds in builds you will probably not take it back up its just not worth it 2. dont "invesy" in anything if its a shop not a one time thing and 3. sell diamond ore for one stack for 64 diamond ore for 2 stacks and a half of real diamonds that would work for anything the equation would be ix X = the amount your selling lets say 32 the equation qould be x X 2 + (x divded by 2) = y (I know I was supposed to state y as the wanted varuible in the begining but im bored

  • you wouldnt cut down a herbert fallout 3 players: (. ) (. ) _

  • He was back.. but not for long

  • Do you still play Hermitcraft lol.

  • Gonna unsubscribe saying he's returned. Doesn't upload. 👋

    • @Mycah Vansanten I'm 33 and yes even after my funeral i have to return and get back to work.

    • @WorldsEnd dude how old are you? So what you’re saying is that when you’re sick you just go to school/work?

    • @Mycah Vansanten if he can breathe he can play Mc and upload

    • @WorldsEnd so you want him to make videos when he’s sick

    • @Mycah Vansanten nice to be back is what he said that 3 weeks ago

  • Rip 😞

  • Iskall, did you know the colors of your logo on the side of the building don't match up to the colors of the logo's in the lobby? :) You switched up red and orange at the top.

  • Upload more

  • Im calling it people: Iskall wont be a part of Hermitcraft season 8

  • I know his tactic, since he has to finish the tree before ep 100 he is just not gonna upload until it is done

  • Iskall like 3 months ago: vault hunters is a new project wich wont effect the upload of hermit craft! Als iskall 3 months later: “uploading every month instead of every week“

  • Someone needs to build a parrot with Grian’s head on it

  • I like how he was literally just talking into nothing at the beginning when he was trying to talk to mumbo

  • Iskall..? No Fearskal or ceedskal ifkyk

  • Man i miss your modpack videos, those were amazing. Just thinking about your intro makes me nostalgic lmao

  • Where are you????? Plzzzzzzz upload a video plzz!!!!!!

  • he swiftly loses a subscriber..

  • Waiting for Iskall to post more HermitCraft week 3, post anything really....

  • Seriously ur so pathetic

  • Iskall: I will uploading more frequently Everyone after waiting for 3 weeks with no uploads: So that was fricking lie

  • Iskall quited Hermitcraft?

  • Iskall: Has an idea Me: Odea

  • Where are you buddy? We miss you 🥺

  • a pink return, turned into a blue exit

  • Where has he gone this time?🙄

  • What happen to iskall

  • he should have named the tree mumbo's ability to do redstone

  • Iskall pls upload again, even if its just a montage of playing on rubber duckies

  • Next video I return again

  • A PINK RETURN 3 weeks ago Man, why u keep disappearing

  • When are you gonna make another video

  • What ever happened to vault hunters

  • As consistent as Vsauce

  • If you gonna quit just say so and don’t leave us waiting

    • @Star Saber o why is the cheese drunk on the wall

    • @Star Saber oh rip shoulda said so tho

    • He was sick for two weeks

  • 12 year old and me thinking he hasn't uploaded for 3 weeks:IS iSkaLl DeAd

  • Iskallllllllllll85!!!!!!!!Where is episode


  • Iskall is dead FYI in case some of y’all didn’t know he got Covid and was struggling for a while and that’s why his upload schedule was rough he passed away last Tuesday. Your channel was so fun and Ill miss you man. 🪦 rest well

  • Please upload more HERMETCRAFT you have got a great community but they will leave if you have an upload schedule of ones a month.

  • This guy has died

  • "a PINK return" he said. Thought it would be more videos, i thought. Welp, let's wait a week for the next episode, then a month *Did a twist on " be a father they said. it'll be fun, they said" Also, i don't mean any harm. Iskall can take the time he needs, we can wait Edit: Halleluja, he's back with another video (ep 80)

    • Ahhh, my hopes were high.

  • Again when will he upload next episode?

    • He says he is halfway through and making a schedule

  • we need you back

  • I’m not saying post something but like you kinda need to post something

  • my dude needs a schedule 💀

  • Yeah so that was a lie

    • I'm back Top 10 anime betrayels in history

  • Is it just me or has Iskall not been uploading recently

  • I thought you were back? Now it’s been three weeks again 😢

  • Dude where are you?

  • For anyone wondering Iskall was sick for weeks! That’s why he couldn’t upload or even release VH2.

  • Why’d you say you’re back when you aren’t even uploading? I thought vault hunters was over.

    • Check his Twitter

    • Season one of it is over but niw there is season 2

    • @Pussycat Gaming sorting by new, the comment right above you says so I'm not sure how they know, but perhaps iskall said something on social media? or maybe it's just fake I honestly don't know

    • @John Doe how would you know?

    • apparently he's really sick

  • What did scar do to you

  • Ah yes , I'm back after taking four breaks all being a month long and now I will be regular Seems like it , doesn't seem like another month is about to pass Just to be clear I don't want to be of the idea that MAKE VID!, I would say only make vids when you feel like you can put out quality content but don't lie to us that you're back when you're ganna upload the next vid next month Hope you get into a good rithem , we will be waiting

    • @Star Saber I didn’t see it lmao chill buddy

    • @Pussycat Gaming on Twitter he clearly said he was ill

    • @Heer Shah I’m not spreading hate lmao, I’m just sick of him saying he’s back then he don’t upload for a month without explanation.

    • @Heer Shah ok , these replies do feel really hateful but the initial comment is ment to be not hateful but more towards "what are you doing my man" type of situation, I fully support him , he is an amaizing creator and our love towards him asks us to beg for more content

    • @Pussycat Gaming he was sick for 2 weeks. Please don't spread hate and heck his Twitter

  • Where did he go?

  • Where is he...?

  • Legend says he is still farming for oak

  • think the whole group need to start a new season its gotten stale really fast this time just my opinion so dont bother trying to tell me why u think im wrong keyboard warriors

    • It was their best and worst

    • @Fuzz Puppet I replied because you said that. Obviously that just opens you up for a reply. If you don't want people to respond to your opinion, don't share it publically. Not that I mind you sharing it of course. The caves and cliffs update is the single biggest change to minecraft since it was created. They will want to play it as soon as possible. With 1.16 they were able to reset the nether, resetting the overworld would be a far bigger hassle.

    • I did say to not tell me why you think my opinion os wrong mr keyboard warrior rack off my opinion is my opinion and guess what it worked last time for this season just before 1.16 so dunno wtf ur talking about get ur facts before makin a fool of ur self

    • Because they'll have to start a new one when caves and cliffs comes out, and no-one is going to be invested in a hold-over server that will only exist for a few months while they wait on it. It would be even worse.

  • Great return wasn’t it? Lol

    • He was sick for 2 weeks. Check his Twitter. He recorded half of a hc vid on 22nd April.

  • Hi

  • Iskall: I'm back! Aslo Iskall: doesn't upload for weeks after

    • I'm not on twitter so thanks for telling me

    • He was sick. Please check his Twitter

  • Iskall be like: Well I uploaded an episode time to take my monthly nap see you guys in a month bye 👋

    • He was sick, check his Twitter

  • I was promised leaves

  • 0:05 is this pacific? What about this? Are YOU pacifc? All this and more on today's Hermitcraft

  • prepare for episodes 99.001 through 99.999 :)

  • Please make videos more often!

    • He was sick ,check his twitter

  • Ah Yes Iskall taking a break again.

  • the blocks that you placed against the redstone bit ruins the system that mumbo build.

  • His videos are not coming from so many days

  • Turd

  • Hallo

  • Hallo Dude! :D (Not that I think that you're gonna be around reading these messages, nor that you would care, but just in case here I am :P ) I hope to see your videos back on youtube soon, but if you're not in the right mindset for it, don't worry :D We love you anyway, even if you're not in the mood for finishing that stuff :D (In which case, I'll be super happy to see your amazing videos as soon as Season 8 starts :) ) being overworked after all those hours you put in the server is more than normal! ^_^ Have a good life!

  • Why are you gone again

  • He said he got ill for 2 weeks and he recorded half of the next episode.

  • Can you help grian in his project of hermitcraft

  • After he mentioned mumbo and called him strange, a thought, a question popped in my head: Who is the least peculiar hermit?

  • Where are you?

  • Pls comeback

  • to iskall85 would you like to join my bedrock realm ?

    • @Will B Don't bother, you're just being annoying the answer will be no they don't.

    • @Heer Shah Ok I'm also trying to invite some other hermits through comments

    • Are you writing a e-mail in SLcd comments. And he's not going to read this or join your server probably. He isnt doing much on hermitcraft itself

  • why don't you share the tree with VintageBeef ?

  • Uploaf pwease

  • Poor iskall.

  • "slcd.info/drink/video/loiotLdlqbvRuGM" Hermitcraft: Arcade Games!

  • When’s the next video or hermit craft or vault huntersss????

  • just wanted to give you a dislike because Hermitcraft is worst than the Dream SMP.

    • @John Doe in my opinion, the more hyped a SLcdr sounds, the more likely they are bored and just doing it for money.

    • ​@Heer Shah right. Personally, I think that Dream and his team makes good content, but the smp is trash.

    • Like there are almost no good builds or farms on the dream smp. The storyline is scripted while hermitcraft is more like friends helping each other. Dream is really hyped and that's why the dream smp gets more views.

    • Child gtfo

    • I guess I'll go to "dream amp" and dislike that to even it out, thanks for the idea!

  • A pink return. Only he never returned

  • Iskall come back 😭

  • Iskall, PLEASE give Mumbo a hermit challenge where he makes his entire video in an American accent. 😭

  • Well he ain’t gonna be finishing that tree so I guess no new season of hermit craft; which I’m perfectly ok with cause I like seeing modded

  • Please keep making hermitcraft videos for at least once a week

  • If you think about it, the only "contributions" to Beef's base Iskall made were the annoying Johnny Boy and the destruction of the diorite bridge

  • That pink ceiling will have to go after all, he built it at the wrong height lol

  • Maybe take out the pink and make the ceiling look like a sunset

  • “Return”